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How to choose a Modern Metal Fence

How to choose a Modern Metal Fence

Date:Feb 28, 2019  Visits:
In modern cities, there are more and more types of guardrails with the development of science and technology. For example, zinc steel fence, aluminum alloy fence, iron fence, wooden fence and so on. Each type of guardrail is different. How to choose the right one is the most important one. Keep the following points in mind when selecting guardrails:

1, decorative

The guardrail should be integrated with other facilities. So when choosing an appearance, the style of the fence should match your style of house decoration.

2, color

The choice of guardrail color is the same as the appearance, but also pay attention to the same style, with the color of other decoration. If you use a zinc steel guardrail, you can choose a paint color that has a three-dimensional relief to enhance the feel.

3, security

The height of the balconies and stair rails is 1050mm in accordance with national standards. The height of the guardrail should not end at 1100mm.